Weather Forecasts by the U.S. Navy's Supercomputing Center

Central America Wave Height and Surface Winds (Images) (Loop)
Central America Wind Speed and Streamlines (Images) (Loop)
Central America Precipitation and Pressure (Images) (Loop)

Tropical Pacific Wave Height and Surface Winds (Images) (Loop)
Tropical Pacific Wind Speed and Streamlines (Images) (Loop)
Tropical Pacific Precipitation and Pressure (Images) (Loop)

Atlantic Wave Height and Surface Winds (Images) (Loop)
Atlantic Wind Speed and Streamlines (Images) (Loop)
Atlantic Precipitation and Pressure (Images) (Loop)

Global Wave Height and Direction (Images) (Loop)
Global Whitecap Probability in Percent (Images) (Loop)

  Wave Forecasts

Wave Height and Direction at the Panama Canal
Wave Height and Direction Caribbean
Central America Wave Height and Direction (animation)

Wind Nowcast (wind data straight from the satellite)

Accending and descending passes of the quickscat satellite

Satellite imagery (new images every 30 minutes)

(Images) (Nice loop with adjustable speed)


Caribbean Surface temperature and Current Forecast

National Hurricane Center (external link)

A commercial site with some cool "virtual buoys"