The Panama Cruising Guide Third Edition

A Complete Sailors Guide to the Isthmus of Panama by Eric Bauhaus



Where to buy a copy (US east coast)

Bluewater Books & Charts

Landfall Navigation


Where to buy a copy (US west coast)

Seabreeze Books


Where to buy a copy (Panama)

- Panama Canal Yacht Club, at the chinese restaurant, ask for Julie.

- Shelter Bay Marina

- Panamarina

Panama City:
- Islamorada Chartstore, located in balboa near the YMCA building. Tel. 507 228 6069. (recomended)

- Flamenco Marina Office

- Balboa Yacht Club

- San Blas Sailing

- Matchship Agents

- Plummer Marine Services

- Abernathy (all stores)

- Gran Morrison (all stores)

- Hombre de la mancha (all stores)

Bocas del Toro:
Bocas Marina, Bocas Town.


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