The Panama Cruising Guide Third Edition

A Complete Sailors Guide to the Isthmus of Panama by Eric Bauhaus



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Standard Promo Text:

The third edition of The Panama Cruising Guide is the most comprehensive, complete and easy to use cruising guide to the beautiful Isthmus of Panama. This is the recommended guide to have in Panama.

Key features:

205 accurate color charts covering all of panama in unprecedented detail.

WGS-84 Lat-Lon grid on all charts and satellite images.

Index charts and graphical index.

Explicit piloting instructions, info on shoreside activities, diving, etc

220 tried and tested waypoints.

276 beautiful color photos, including many aerials.

Also covers the Panama Canal transit in every detail, from current patterns to ACP requirements.

Free online updates at

356 pages, all in full color.

Coated paper and plasticized cover.

Sewn to spine, will never loose a page, even after years of abuse in the cockpit.

SRP: $48.00

ISBN 9962-00-130-7


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