The Panama Cruising Guide Third Edition

A Complete Sailors Guide to the Isthmus of Panama by Eric Bauhaus



. .This third edition of the Panama Cruising Guide is the most comprehensive, complete and easy to use cruising guide for the beautiful Isthmus of Panama.
...205 charts, 220 waypoints and 276 color photographs are divided into 10 chapters, cover the Panama Canal transit, and both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Panama from border to border.

  What our readers say. . . "an incredible bargain! you get 200 charts for the price of two" -Sue and Rick, Bocas del Toro

"I love the aerial pictures and charts" -Nancy, M.Y. Delusions

"the graphical index on the back cover makes it so easy to use" -Luc, S.Y. Sultan Bang

"the Panama Canal chapter saved us a lot of trouble" -Capt. Douglas, M.V. Palado

"all the charts and waypoints are spot-on, this is the book to have" -Bill and Maira , San Blas Islands

Over 200 of these charts (enlarge)

The 205 charts surveyed by the author are a key feature of this book. They cover many previously uncharted areas.
Compare them to other sources, you'll be convinced.


Hybrid Charts (enlarge)

With the satellite image/chart hybrid you can enter a bay for the fist time and feel like having been there before.
...They cover many popular areas.


Beautiful Aerial Photos (enlarge)

The Panama Cruising Guide contains over two hundred color photographs, including many aerials.

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